How To Become a Recruitment Consultant With No Experience: Best Recruiting Interview Tips

How to nail your recruiting interview and become a recruiter in the staffing industry?

To be fair, when I graduated, I didn’t know what to do. So I went on job boards, scrolling through different job opportunities, and I came across this job ad: no experience required because they were offering a training program, but also they were promoting meritocracy, uncapped commission, clear career path with great career opportunities and equal chances.

And it clicked and made me curious. So I applied, however though I was maybe not the most obvious fit for the job, right? An introvert, not very talkative guy for a job where mostly you have to connect and match people. Well, how did I convince them and became a recruitment consultant? And that’s what I’m going to do in this video. I’m going to use my personal experience, but also what I learned in so many years in recruitment to help you to get your first job in the staffing industry.

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And before going any further, in case you are wondering what qualification you need to become a recruitment consultant: I made a video about it, where you will find more information, but basically what is important for you to understand at this stage is that the staffing industry is an industry that mostly hire for attitude and train for skills.

So graduated, not graduated, experience, no experience: everyone has a chance, literally.

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