How to Become the Best Recruiter? How to Become a Successful Recruitment Consultant?

With 8 years as a Tech Recruiter and as a Coach and now running my recruitment business, I am sharing my best tips for recruiters, the top tips when starting a career in recruitment.

Whether you are working in a staffing agency or considering starting a recruitment agency, those 7 golden rules are the key to success in this job.

We all want to get really good really fast but you need first to learn and master the recruiting fundamentals to become a beast in recruitment.

Those are the top tips for Rookie Recruiters but also to more experienced full cycle recruiters. I am sharing everything I wish I knew before becoming a recruiter.My dear recruitment consultants! Do you ever feel uncertain and insecure when you start a new month because you are struggling to get consistent and predictable results and it is even more frustrating because you are working so hard? The staffing industry can be tough and if that is the case, let me tell you two things:

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Number one, it is my belief that most of the failure in the recruitment business is not related to individual capabilities. It is not about the one with the highest activity or working the longest hours. And number two, recruitment is not a numbers game. Recruitment is not about cold calling or cold emailing as many people as you can, until you finally pull a job and then you do it all over again.

It is because you learned the recruitment consultant job that way that you are struggling to get consistent and predictable results. And consistency and predictability is the only way to become a successful recruiter. And as a consequence, you need two things to become successful in recruitment: the right support and a good strategy.

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And that is the topic of the video! I’m going to share with you my secret recipe on how to become a successful recruitment consultant and become a beast in recruitment.

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