How To Get The Best Response Rate On LinkedIn: My LinkedIn InMail Strategy and Script As A Recruiter

How To Get The Best Response Rate On LinkedIn: My LinkedIn InMail Strategy and Script As A Recruiter

If there is a challenge we all face and share as recruiters, it is to get our candidates to answer our InMails on LinkedIn. The market is so saturated and those profiles are in so high demand that you have to stand out and know what you do if you want a chance to engage with candidates.

They are contacted by companies and staffing agencies every day and most of them are not even interested in a new opportunity: candidates are therefore very picky.

Based on my almost 10 years of experience and the recent LinkedIn survey and their data, I am going to teach you how to improve your response rate on LinkedIn, attract more candidates and stop wasting your time and energy in a strategy that produces no result.

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