How To Handle Stress and Pressure As A Recruiter: Mental Health and Burnout in Recruitment


This video is very important to me as I know how many recruiters are silently suffering from stress, pressure and anxiety in their job. And if we don’t address the topic, there is no way they can find the tools to take care of their mental health and prevent burnout by themselves.

Offer refused, no show up interview, ghosting, early finisher, backdoor, unhealthy competition, KPI’s, target,…

As any sales job, pressure and unpredictability is inherent to the recruitment industry and, for many wrong reasons, it is a topic that is rarely discussed and quite taboo.

If you worked in the industry long enough, you know how detrimental to your health this stress can be, especially in a young career.

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This is why it is particularly important to have the right support and benefit from the experience of people who went through this before you.

And that’s why I intent to do with today’s video, sharing my experience and best tips to improve your mental health and prevent burnout as recruiters.

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