How To Know If Your Recruiting Niche Is Good? Best Method To Evaluate Its Potential in 2022

How To Know If Your Recruiting Niche Is Good? Best Method To Evaluate Its Potential in 2022

How to find the right recruiting niche and market in recruitment?

At some point, if he is not successful, a recruiter may blame his recruiting niche.

And you know what? He might not be wrong!

But it is crucial to dissociate facts and feelings because one thing you can’t certainly do in this situation as a recruitment consultant is to say to your manager “my market sucks, this is why I am struggling”.

Because this just sounds like an excuse and there is nothing concrete that will enable your manager to apprehend the potential of your market based on the expression of your frustrations.

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And this is what I am going to teach you in this video, how to concretely evaluate your recruiting niche potential and identify whether it is the source of your struggle or you should look somewhere else!

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