How to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile Picture at Home with your Smartphone: Tutorial by a Recruiter

In this video, I am sharing LinkedIn Tips and a Tutorial as an experienced recruiter on how to make a great linkedIn profile picture at home with your smartphone, for free and in less than 5 minutes !

No material nor gears needed.

Usually when you don’t have a profile picture on LinkedIn, your main excuses will be: I don’t have a professional picture that I like or feel comfortable with, I don’t want to spend money paying a photographer or buying gears, I have no one to help me to take the picture or I don’t have a nice and professional background nor any place to shoot. And overall, I don’t see the benefit of taking a profile picture for my LinkedIn account: why should I have a profile picture? It doesn’t say anything about my professional skills anyway!

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And you end up using your company logo at best.. And trust me, I know, I’ve been there. But what if I was telling you that, first of all, you don’t need any of this: all you need to make a great profile picture for your LinkedIn is five minutes of your time and a smartphone and I will show you how, and second of all, it is not true to believe that a good profile picture won’t have any impact.

Nowadays personal branding is fundamental and the way you will market yourself will impact the recruiters and hiring managers perception during the negotiation process, which will help you to compete for better jobs and to get better salaries.

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And you might believe that it’s not for you anyway, because you are not on the market today so there is no need to upgrade your LinkedIn profile. But remember this, the job that you like today won’t necessarily be the job that you will like tomorrow. And you never know when this opportunity will come and you don’t want to start marketing yourself in the middle of a recruitment process.

Should you have questions about this tutorial on how to make a great LinkedIn picture profile at home with your smartphone only, leave me a comment ;). And for more LinkedIn tips, subscribe to the channel.

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