Bet9ja Mobile – Login To New Site For Old And New Users

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Good day!

This information is for interested bet9ja mobile users who have tried accessing the bet9ja site or mobile on their phones or laptops

Are you among the people who have tried to access the bet9ja mobile on your phone and was unable to? We have the solution to your problem.

Old Bet9ja mobile as well as the new bet9ja app is now redirecting to Strange right?

Well, fortunately, that is the new bet9ja mobile platform at the moment. All bet9ja activities are being carried out on that site now.

Is this former site still in use? This must be question that brought you to this page. Well, yes! the  former bet9jasite is still active and in operation, but at the moment is only serving as a redirection source to the new site( ) These changes has occurred due to a couple of issues which we will inform you of in the latter part of this article.

For those users who have been conversant and have actively been using bet9ja, you will remember that was the portal where all bet9ja activities were carried out.At the moment, if you try loading that old page we indicated above, it will redirect you to the new one where all activities have been moved to.

Watch the video of bet9ja below before the issues started.

Is the official bet9ja mobile site now?

Even though we have not received any official address from Bet9ja officially, these websites have been chosen to serve at the moment while they try to sort things out.

In reality, the new site we mentioned earlier on this article is the new website for all mobile activities for bet9ja users.

In addition to that, bet9ja has also created to serve as their shopping portal at the moment.

PS: The changes on their website has not affected the services they offer. Bet9ja is still very loyal to it’s customers and has not changed in any way negatively; they are still one of the most loyal bet services in the country at the moment and will continue in it’s loyalty to it’s customers.

Also, all activities have not changed on the new platform as compared with the old. Same activities and procedures are present on the new bet9ja2 site online.

bet9ja2 mobile

Should Users be Worried? What happened to bet9ja old mobile?

This has been the question on the minds of faithful bet9ja users.

From our investigation. We do not think anything is wrong. Every organization at a point usually finds a need to restructure and take certain actions. This could be one which bet9ja team has taken for a positive purpose I guess.

If this is the case, we think the change is not drastic. The only things is that the old site is redirecting to the new portal and that is absolutely fine as long as you can still carry pout activities with them as you used to.

Points to note:

  1. If you intend to visit the mobile version, you must do this through the new site.
  2. If you are great bet9ja user and a big fan, use the share button or copy this link and share on mobile platforms to inform other users of this development.
  3. Do you have anything to say? Do you want your mind heard by the bet9ja2 team concerning this new development of thiers? Use the comment box below and share your thoughts.

Go the bet9ja login page

If you have any inquiries or thoughts on this upgrade, please drop your thoughts using the comment box below for some bet9ja2 experts who may see this to drop a reply.


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