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Did you try accessing the bet9ja shop only to notice it redirect or take too long to load?

Are you as shocked as we are with the changes on the bet9ja platform lately?

Well read on. We have full information on the transition on the bet9ja shopping platform.

If you try to login to , there will be a redirect to This change started taking effect in the early days of this week after we noticed that has moved temporarily to


Many believed that this was caused because bet9ja being a very prestigious organization acted forgetfully and let their old domain expire before renewal date. This is a great level of mistake on their path.

For now, all activities on this platform are carried out on their new platform.


How to access the bet9jashop (

Accessing the new bet9ja shop is easier than you thought it will be. You can do this by typing in the new bet9ja shop address =


Typing in the old address you knew before all of this mix up.

Once you have typed the old address you are used to ( or, your browser will automatically redirect you to the new shop.


  • All activities still remain the same on the new platform just like it was with the old platform. The only thing is that the domain name has changed but all other activities remain the same.

For those who will need this information as well, the bet9ja design and site/ mobile page(s) layout is still the same and has not changed in anyway. The bet9ja mobile is still functioning as it used to on portal.

The new still carries all the default features of the old mobile site.


Will get returned back to

Same question has been asked for the mobile site of bet9ja which has also redirected to a new one at the same time the shop was redirected as well.

Loads of news has been broadcasted online regarding the issue with this bet9ja changes. Some say that someone has already bought the site which was left to expire while others believe that bet9ja has bought it back already and are waiting to effect the changes or go back to the way it was before.

One things is for sure, The is still active and is currently managed by bet9ja. If this wan’t so, the redirect wouldn’t have been possible.

Even with the assurance of the above, we cannot tell if everything will eventually go back to normal ever again. If this will ever happen, bet9ja will inform everyone and we will update this page as well.

We sincerely hope that the bet9ja team will heed the advice and request of millions of users and bring back the bet9ja site everybody once knew or at least that these changes will not affect the great services we have enjoyed from them in the past.

Thanks for reading through. Share your thoughts below.

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