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All You Need To Know About US Green Card Lottery–

The US Green Visa Lottery program is no hidden thing and if you have taken interest in reading this article then you must have a good level of knowledge of the US visa lottery.

Just like you might guess, there is a set of procedures that are followed for the Visa to be issued to anyone. The DV lottery is designed make sure there is plenty of diversity in United States Migration; this means that mostly indigenes from Underrepresented countries are offered the opportunity of applying.

How Lottery works?

You enter into a drawing (draws) and a random selection is made; if you are successfully selected you win a prize. Prizes won could include cars, trips etc. Most states have cash lotteries as well, but there is a whole lot of difference between the Green Card Lottery and the likes of this other lotteries.

The American Visa lottery, also regarded as Green card Lottery or DV lottery is the American Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery. This lottery began in 1990 following the Immigration Act of 1990 in the United States and it gives opportunity to people from countries that have the lowest number of immigrants to the United States the opportunity to participate in a draw where about 50,000 green cards are awarded. The winners are selected through a random pick (a random selection is made and if lucky, you are selected) across the different regions of the world.


 How the DV lottery program works

A lot more than 100,000 entries are sent in every year, after which the US Department of State picks a random number of winners, usually more than 50,000. After this process of selection, a screening occurs following certain criteria which help eliminate criminals, individuals who are unable to support themselves financially when they are offered visa into the United States, mentally deficient individuals and a host of other requirements. After this selection process has taken place, then green cards are then awarded after this process.

The US Green Visa Lottery is open to countries that have the least number of immigrants. Two lists are drawn; one for legible and the other for ineligible. A list is drawn every year of countries which are ineligible to participate in the lottery.

This list is made up of countries which have sent the most immigrants in the past five year. Each year this lists are updated based on research and changes that have occurred in the previous years; it is quite important for you to look up your country if they are legible before applying.

Although the Diversity Visa (DV) program has few eligibility requirements than a lot of other U.S. visas or green cards, this does not mean that it’s open to every applicant or that you would be chosen once you apply. You must also have sufficient qualifications to find employment in the United States and must possess every other requirement as well.

Below are some of the dos and don’ts you should know in order to win the American Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery.

Dos and Donts Of The US DV Lottery

  • Apply online

The application for the US green Visa Lottery has been online since the year 2005. All paper entries are considered ineligible and there is no registration as well. A lot of fraudsters send emails pretending to be agencies and help you get the lottery; they are fake.

All Application is only through the United States Department of State website.

  • Be sure to register early

There is a lot of rush towards the close or last week of registration. Filling out the form early enough is best in order to avoid website delay or server problems due to too much traffic. The earlier you register, the less stress on your path.

  • Fill out the form completely

Fill out every required detail on the form provided and attach every requested document in order to make sure your entry is not disqualified. Spend effort and time on the form, crosscheck spellings and grammatical errors

  • Do not send in multiple entries

In many lotteries, entering a number of times is likely to guarantee you a higher chance of success. It’s the reverse in the American visa lottery. Using a host of technologies, the United States Department of State is able to sniff out entrants who have sent in more than one entry, and immediately disqualify them.

After completion of application successfully, the website will automatically submit your entry on the official DV Lottery website during the submission period.

Selection process

This green cards(50k) are carefully distributed six geographical zones around the world and most of them go to regions with the least immigrants to the United States in the past five(5) years.


US Green Visa Lottery

+ Any country that has sent up to 55,000 immigrants to the United States within the time span of five years belongs to ineligible list and cannot send citizens for the Dv lottery program for that year until it is revised again the next year. Green Cards offered through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program are awarded through a random computer draw.


Requirements For The US Green Card Lottery

A couple of requirements exist in order for one to be awarded the Green Card

  1. Applicants must have been born in an eligible country to qualify for the lottery.

However, there are exceptions to the above:

They include;

  • Claiming spouses’ country- applicant can claim his/her spouse’s birth country if he/she desires and same could apply for that of the parents if neither of the parents was born in the applicant’s birth country and did not legally reside there at the time of the applicant’s birth.

Immigration requirements

These are pre-requisites of the general immigration and they must be met

  1. Must have a means of support<sponsor, if any>,
  2. No criminal background<No record of crime or jail time>,
  3. Perfect health condition.
  4. If you are moving with your family (such as children or a spouse) to the US. Just in case you are awarded the Green Card, you will need to list their names appropriately on your application.
  5. You must also meet either a work requirement or education requirement.
  • This means that before the time of application, you must have completed at least a high school education or have two years of training or work experience.

You will have to prove your qualifications at the latter stage of the process. That will mean providing evidence of either:

  • receipt of a high school diploma, or ,
  • a minimum of two years’ experience within the past five years in a job that requires at least two years of training.

Even if you are luckily selected and you do not possess either of the above, You will be disqualified.

High School?

The concept of a “high school” education could mean different things to different people across different locations. A high school diploma for as requested for DV lottery is proof that the applicant successfully completed a course of elementary (primary) and secondary school .

Though this may be the most popular means of getting a green visa for the DV lottery into the United States, there are other ways to get a green visa as well.

If by luck, you are not awarded a green Visa through the DV lottery program, you can still apply for a green card through:

US Green Card Through Family

This is possible only if your whole family or members of your family are permanently residing in the US, and are willing to sponsor you, you may be able to migrate to the US.


US Green Card through Employment

This is a case where you are working and have relevant skills; this might makeyour employer willing to sponsor you, you may be able to immigrate to the US and even get permanent residency as well. Carefully study read the “Green Card through Employment Application” kit, which contains the instructions you need to come to the US to work.


US Green Card for Your Family and Children

Do you have it in mind to move permanently to the United States with your family through the immigration process? \

Fortunately, the United States makes provision for families to stay together.  Be to download the “green card for your family” kit, it contains everything you need to start applying for a green card today.


Issues Related To The United States Visa Lottery

Everything has its Pros and Cons. As much as there are a lot of positives regarding the Green Visa through DV lottery, there have also been a lot of controversies regarding this Green Visa Lottery putting forth the negative effects of this immigration process.

The most prominent issues related are;

A lot of people are of the opinion that it;

  • Encourages Illegal Immigration
  • Rampant Fraud
  • Creates an Opportunity for Terrorists

N/B: Permanent residency allows the recipient to work at almost any job they like, get a license to handle hazardous material, and to travel to and from the United States as often as they please.

Start Preparing your Green Card Lottery Application

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