What Do Recruiters Do?

What is this video about?

What do recruiters do? What am I actually doing for a living?

Each I am being asked that question, I struggle to give a clear answer. And I notice that I was not the only one in this situation and not only agency recruiters but professionals of the recruitment industry are struggling to explain what they are doing for a living to their friends or family. And to be fair, I had pretty much no idea myself before joining a staffing company 8 years ago

Recruiters are dealing with very sensitive information and basically we are helping people to leave a company to another one. Confidentiality is a in recruitment DNA.

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The recruitment industry, by its nature, always had to keep low profile and as a consequence, is an opaque industry.

Recruiter, recruitment consultant, agency recruiter, headhunter, talent acquisition manager, staffing agency, temporary agency, executive search,.. It is so easy to be lost. This is why I made this video to give you an overview of the different roles in recruitment.

So whatever you are considering :

  • Taking a job in the recruitment industry
  • Using recruitment services
  • Or looking for a job through a recruitment partner

Let me give you an overview in 4 points that is going to help you to understand:

  • What we are really doing
  • Which service fits best your needs

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