What It’s Like Being a Recruiter? Your 6 First Months Plan as a Recruitment Consultant

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a recruiter ? What it’s like being a recruitment consultant working in a staffing agency ?

What can you expect from the job and the industry as a junior recruiter but also how to create the best conditions to optimise your rookie recruiters success ? This is exactly what I am sharing in this video: what your job and life will be like as a trainee recruitment consultant during your first 6 months in a staffing agency.

Do you want see what 6 months in the life of a recruiter are like ? From building your candidate pipeline to get your first recruiting clients ? Let’s take a deep dive in the first 6 months of your recruitment journey and the step by step plan on how to start as a recruiter.

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I am going to share with you the recruiting best practices and fundamentals to learn to become a successful recruiter but also how to learn them.

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